Fresh interior painting always helps to brighten a room and enhance its appearance. But nowadays, in an effort to create a truly sophisticated effect, many home owners are choosing decorative faux painting for their home interior. With special training and extensive experience, our Sarasota home painters have dozens of techniques for turning plain paint into elegant expressions.

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What is a Faux Finish?

The essence of faux painting is in creating painted surfaces that look like expensive materials, such as marble, expensive hardwood or Venetian plaster. Other decorative techniques are used to make furniture or walls appear antique, or to add dimensions and textures to a plain wall.

Can I Apply a Faux Finish to My Walls?

There are a variety of different faux painting styles, methods, and processes available to create a unique, artistic look around your home. Since faux painting is an art form, more experience typically equals better results. Our painters are experienced and ready to help with your project.

Frequently Used Techniques

Faux Finishes: Faux means “false” in French. Technically, to wood-grain, marbleize, or paint finishes that replicate a natural material are all examples of faux finishes. “Faux” has become the umbrella name for all of these decorative paint finishes.

Metallic finishes: Decorative finishes that use metallic gold, bronze or silver paints over other painted surfaces and give the impression of an antique, burnished metal.

Subtractive technique: A paint technique that is used on wet paint using a sponge, rag, plastic bag or dry roller to “subtract” (or take off) some of the paint, creating a textured look.

What Will You Dream Up?

sarasota house paintersSince faux finishing requires an artistic approach, more experience equals a better look.

Manufacturers are contributing to the list of options by producing products that make it relatively straightforward to create textured and artistic walls and ceilings on your own. If you feel uncomfortable doing the techniques yourself, give us a call and we would be glad to answer any questions you have.

Our skilled painters can provide a faux finish painting on your private residence or on a commercial property, so we have the experience and confidence to work fast while producing clean, beautiful results.


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