It’s not too late to get on board with the year’s hottest and best colors! If you are thinking about painting your home, but aren’t sure what colors to choose, here are a few suggestions from some color experts:

  1. Neutrals with a pop of color – You might feel that neutral colors are too boring, but the truth is that with the right pops of color, beige, brown, cream, and even white can look modern and beautiful. A red door is a classic choice, but why not also try red shutters? Small, colorful touches can make your home look more interesting, while the neutral prevent your house from looking like a cartoon.

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  1. Blues with white accents – Blue is one of the best colors to choose for a house. It’s not as boring as a neutral, but it’s not as crazy as red or orange. If you are looking for a color with more punch than beige, but don’t want to pick something truly shocking, blue is a great intermediary color. Especially when paired with white or beige accents, this color can look extremely modern, but also classic.
  1. Sea green – 2015 is the year of seafoam and mint green, and it doesn’t look like these light green colors are going to become less popular in the years to come. Because this color was also popular during the colonial period, it can give your home a distinctly colonial feel, especially with white or cream accents and dark shutters and door.
  1. Yellow – Is there anything more classically American than a beautiful yellow house? Whether you choose a pale butter yellow or a strong, vibrant sun yellow, this color will give your home a cheery, whimsical appearance that is sure to charm any and all who see it.
  1. Teal – Teal is a great, bold color for a house, that looks great against whites and browns. While this is a favorite color for homes in tropical communities, it is also a beautiful color for any home that could use a little bit of vibrancy.
  1. Red – Yellow might be more traditional, but you can’t beat a red house. If you are looking to make a bold statement, why not choose red? You can tone it down with a more neutral door and accents, but your house is sure to turn heads.

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